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Health sciences can be used to tell a person when they may become ill, what they should be doing to correct any problems and how to stay more active and healthy. Today, USANA Health Services has provided a number of different nutritional supplements that can help you achieve optimal health. Getting the right products for the different areas of your body will be important.

One’s health is the most important thing in life overall. While friends and family are important, they too will suffer when a person becomes ill. Staying healthy is something that is easy to accomplish when you follow the right steps and maintain your body as it needs.

Getting the right supplements as well as good information is the first step in reaching the ultimate level of health. Learning about the different steps you might take to reach the level of optimal health is the first step you need to take. Once you are aware of what you need to do, finding the high quality products that your need will be important.

Making the decision to improve your health is important for any person. Learning about the different choices for the products will also be important. Once you have found a supplier, you can begin your trip down the road to being fit and healthy overall.

When you are working toward your goal of feeling great and looking great, you will learn that there are a number of different options. However making sure that you are doing everything you can to protect the cells of your body is going to be very important. Above all, a positive mindset is important to achieving this goal as well.

USANA Health Services was created in 1992 with the goal of creating a world that was free of pain and suffering. The founder wanted this situation for his own family as well as millions of others. By creating a line of supplements promoting diet and nutrition, the goals of the organization can be easily achieved.

Health sciences will involve a number of different categories. The various areas of research include creating an environment that allows a body to reach the ultimate level of health and wellness. In addition, other areas also will concentrate on learning how diseases attack the system and methods to help a person avoid those problems.

Being healthy is the most important thing in one’s life today. When you are in search of products that can help you achieve the ultimate physical and mental health, consider turning to True Health Asia, a leader in USANA health services today. Visit them online at www.truehealthasia.com for more information.

A range of the best Nutritional Supplemts and Skincare in the world. Dr Wentz, started USANA Health Services in 1992 with a focused vision of freeing the world from pain & suffering. Dr Wentz envisioned a world where people experienced physical health, emotional well being, and financial stability. He wanted to give his family and families of thousands of others the means to enjoy life to its fullest in happiness and in health.

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Best Weight Loss Diet

A recent study revealed surprising facts surrounding low-fat weight loss diets and their believed benefits relating to heart disease and cancer. A study completed by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) and Stanford University determined that a low-fat weight loss diet, in itself, is not sufficient in greatly reducing the risk of cancer and/or heart disease in women. Research officials determined that a decrease in saturated and trans fats may offer more convincing results.

The study noted that women who took part in a low-fat weight loss diet experienced a 9% decrease in the development of breast cancer. In addition, no appreciable changes were confirmed in the development of heart disease. Approximately 49,000 females, from ages 50 to 79, took part in what is recognized as the America’s largest long-term study of a low-fat weight loss diet. The study was carried out over a term of eight years, during which time the experts planned to test the belief that low-fat weight loss diets were beneficial in reducing the risk of cancer or heart disease.

Of the approximate 49,000 women subjects, 40% were instructed to maintain a low-fat weight loss diet, which required them to reduce their fat intake down to 20% of their total calorie consumption. They were also instructed to eat fruits and vegetables on five or more occasions during the day, in addition to six servings of grain. The other 60% of women participants were named as the comparison group and were told to maintain their current eating habits.

During the study, Women’s Health Initiative researches noted that some of the low-fat weight loss diet candidates failed to meet their required 20% fat intake. A recent news report, which was released from Stanford University, detailed the facts that researchers believed women who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle may wish to consider a well-balanced diet that is low in both saturated and trans fats while, at the same time, remained a diet rich in vegetables and fiber. According to the release, this type of diet would take the place of one that is directed solely toward the goal of low-fat food consumption.

Just switching to low-fat foods is not likely to yield much health benefit in most women,” commented Marcia Stefanick, PhD, professor of medicine at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and chair of the Women’s Health Initiative steering committee. Rather than trying to eat low-fat, women should focus on reducing saturated fats and trans fats.”

This article is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is not to be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice or a nutritionist’s recommendation. Prior to beginning any dietary program, including a weight loss diet, individuals should consult a physician for proper diagnosis and/or an appropriate path toward their individual goal(s).

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Mental Health And Emotional Well Being

There are many things that have a way of influencing what you think and perspective is one of them. When you’re under stress consider a psychiatrist in Houston, your thinking can get away from you. There may be times when it seems the entire world is against you, but you know that’s really not true. Try and remember to take stock in what you’re thinking and your perspective. When you’re immersed in the negative, it will become your point of view if you don’t consult with a psychologist in Houston. That’s something you must be careful about and look out for. And when you see this overtaking you, then it’s time to do something about it.

Keep Yourself Safe From Psychological Stress – Tips And Tricks

The ability to successfully take on a Houston psychiatrist to deal with stress is something most are not born with. This is something that people usually have to learn how to handle, though some can do it automatically. Even though some people try to learn how to handle it, they don’t do it very well. But you can and you’re here reading this article, so maybe there’s a reason why you’re here. Some of the techniques you can learn will not be mastered anytime soon. Stress actually feeds upon itself, so reducing your reaction to stress is important. If you can try to do this every day, you may eventually get a handle on it.

Stress can be like water in that it can creep and seep into all areas of your life. By not handling the stress in your life, it can control you, manipulating your every decision. You have probably heard stories of people bringing their stress home from work to their family. Handling stresses something that you need to learn quite quickly. Only by taking the time to remove it from your body and mind can you minimize its effect on your life. Finding out what is going on in your life, in regard to how stress is manipulating it, can be done by monitoring your thoughts and actions. You want to avoid bringing the stress home with you, and the only way to do this is to pay more attention to your own life.

If you’re under a lot of stress, you may find that it affects your mental and intellectual state in a negative way. In extreme cases, it can become difficult to even function from day to day because of all this mental stress. This is why self-awareness is so crucial when it comes to your mental and emotional state. Do this to the best of your ability, though at first it might seem like an uphill battle.

When you are paying attention to your daily thoughts, then you can make course corrections much faster. Negative thoughts, even apparently minor ones, can cause you a great deal of distress if they pass by unnoticed. You may not be able to prevent negative thoughts, but you can at least start to question them and perhaps redirect.

Psychological stress is something that can ruin anybody’s day, and if you are constantly feeling it, every day is going to be bad. You could lose it both verbally and physically, making bad choices that can cause quite a stir. Relax – it’s only one day unless you let it happen the next day or the next. Learning how to deal with stress is a skill that you need to develop and learn as you go along. There is really no turning back once you know what you are doing. Sure, you’ll have bad days, but forget about it and look at it for what it is – just a bad day. You could actually have a fantastic day tomorrow, as if everything was just reset. Like starting over, these strategies can help you begin again – a fresh start!

If you’re not careful, psychological stress unabated in your life can kill you without the right psychiatrist Houston doctor. It’s not the portion of your mind, but instead how it can affect your body. The most distressing thing is that the maneuvers you can put to use in your life are not all that difficult. However they do necessitate continual attempts so they become a natural thing to do. This is where people tend to fail, as they snub the thought of making a commitment to something that may transform their lives, for the better.

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Recipes For Healthy Snacks

When you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, choosing party snacks can be a real problem. The classic ones just aren’t that healthy and you don’t want to bore everyone else by putting out nothing but fruits and vegetables.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a solid fruit or veggie tray out at a party; in fact, I recommend it highly. A little dip will make people more enthusiastic about the vegetables. Get a little creative with the kinds of fruits and vegetables offered. Try including things like papaya or berries to make the selection really stand out.

But for a good party you need more options. Fortunately, many favorite party snacks can be made in a relatively healthy manner so long as you pick healthy ingredients. Remember that the secret to healthy cooking is in choosing the right ingredients.

Pigs in a blanket are always popular, and if you want a healthier variety choose chicken or turkey franks. If they aren’t available in mini frank size just chop up larger ones into smaller sizes. Wrap in crescent roll dough and cook at 375 degrees for about 12 minutes or until dough is golden brown.

When my family gets together the shrimp ring is always popular. You can find these in most grocery stores with the other frozen seafood and it comes with cocktail sauce. If not, just buy the shrimp on your own and buy the cocktail sauce separately. Very indulgent, sometimes a little pricey, but always a hit.

Seasoned popcorn can be a great alternative to potato chips. You can find recipes all over the place online or come up with your own recipe. You can also get creative and make your own recipe. I like to add things like garlic and Parmesan to my popcorn’s butter or oil before pouring it over.

Baked tortilla chips with a good salsa are reasonably healthy too. Guacamole is also rather healthy.

Mini pizzas go over well too. Rather than buy them, make them yourself on English muffin halves. Use salsa if you want a little spice rather than tomato sauce, and keep the toppings healthy. Sorry, that does mean avoid pepperoni.

Even at a party healthy food doesn’t have to mean boring. There are many foods out there that are good for you and will delight your guests. Use some creativity and no one will complain that you only have healthy foods available.

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Types Of Mental Health

In recent years people have realized the importance of proper diet and exercise, and recent surveys show that over the last 20 years people are eating better and working out more often, resulting in people living longer, but people are still lacking in their understanding that their mental well being is just as important as their physical health.

Today most people get on average 4 to 6 hours of exercise every day, and make sure that everything they put in their mouths is not filled with sugars or preservatives, but they pay no attention to their mental health, no vacations, not even the occasional long weekend, 60 hour weeks, taking work home with them and even working weekends. All of this for hopes of one day getting that big promotion. What good will it do you when your brain overloads and you have a breakdown in the office.

In the end your physical health will suffer no matter how well you eat and how often you exercise. You will wind up with high blood pressure, stress and tension all of which raises the chances of you having a stroke or heart attack.

In hopes of helping you avoid this I am providing you with the things I do to keep my mental health in tip top condition.

My absolute favorite thing to do to refocus myself is to go for a long ride on my Harley. Nothing brings the world back into focus like riding free like the wind, there is no better forms of therapy as far as I am concerned.

Another great way to relieve the stresses in your life and help put a sparkle in your mental health is a trip to the casinos. Most people go to the casinos and expect to go home a winner, I do not. I go to have a good time.

I enjoy the skill required in

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Healthy Eating Out

If you want to be a healthy person and live a long, fulfilling life, then healthy eating should certainly be a concern. Usually people just start thinking about it when they get older and their metabolism starts to slow down. But whether you’ve hit that point yet or not, you should not hesitate to figure out exactly what your body needs.

Instead of focusing on eliminating things from a poor diet, focus on adding healthy things to make it a healthy diet. There are many foods that are inherently healthy, and if you just try to eat a few of them with every meal, you’ll be on the right track. Fruits and vegetables are important, and you could practically be munching on them all day and still not eat enough. Whole grains and foods with plenty of nutrients are important, too. The USDA food pyramid is a good start to see if you are eating a proper variety of foods.

Once you add extremely healthy things to your diet, the unhealthy things might not seem so bad. It’s alright to eat junk food every once in a while, because your body quite frankly needs the sugar as much as it does any other thing. If you have a certain vice, such as drinking excessive amounts of soda, then you should work to reduce your intake in order to let things reach a healthy balance.

You need to figure out how many calories your body needs to get by on a daily basis. Some people burn calories at a monster rate, and that makes it very hard to gain weight. Other people burn calories at a low rate. These are the people that gain weight very easily. You need to figure out if you are one of these people, or in between. Give yourself a specific calorie number, like 1500 or 4000 or 2500. Then aim for that every day. It may require cutting back, or you may even need to eat an extra snack before bedtime.

This may seem slightly confusing, especially if you are new to healthy eating. Perhaps the best way to get started is to analyze your diet very closely for a week. Write down everything that you eat, and compare it to suggested intakes and nutrient amounts. When you do that, certain deficiencies will become shockingly clear, and you’ll have a better idea of what you can do to improve your diet. It can be hard to get rid of your poor dietary habits and get used to eating foods that you don’t enjoy that much. But it is definitely worth it in the end. Good luck.

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Healthy Eating Menus

Whether your traveling on the go or around the home, you don’t need to give up healthy eating simply because you are on the run. The fact is, healthy eating is even more important when your trying to keep up with a busy schedule.

Having a good diet will help your body to handle stress better. As you hustle about, a healthy meal is probably the last thing you think about. The following tips can help you eat when your on the go.

Restaurants With tempting menus, large portions, and a festive atmosphere, it’s easy to skip healthy eating. It’s okay to splurge every now and then, although you’ll pack on a lot of weight if you make it a habit.

When you eat out at restaurants, always be smart about it.

Airports An airport can be a very stressful place, although you should not scrap your diet because of it. Eat because you are hungry, not because of stress, boredom, or to kill time.

In your car Keep some healthy snacks in your car at all times, so that when you get hungry – you have them.

At home Evenings and mornings are busy times in most homes. Making the time to eat can be hard, although you should not run out the door without eating breakfast first. Cereal with milk, a banana, muffin, or even a bagel is a great way to start the day.

Anytime you are on the go, always make sure that you make the right food decisions. You can take healthy food with you if you need to, so that you have it when you need it. Eating healthy on the go is easy to do, once you know how. Never sacrifice healthy food for junk, as your body will regret it later.

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Enjoying Life

Some people get all too concerned about aging and some to the extent that it becomes and obsession.

What is the net result of this? Well you might look a little younger but you still need to enjoy life along the way.

Most of the ways that you can use to make yourself look younger such as stopping smoking, or limiting your exposure to the sun, or fitness training and maintaining good health and nutrition will not only make you look better but they will also make you feel better and get more out of life.

Your energy levels should increase and you will have more time to do more of the things that you like.

You should enjoy your life all the more while looking better as an added bonus. If you do anything other than in moderation then you will negate the positive effects that are available to you.

Even over training can make you look older and leave you susceptible to injury.

Finding a balance in all that you do will keep you young in mind and body and that is why yoga is so effective at helping you to stay young.

I recall reading a book on a husband and wife team who focused their life on longevity. This book detailed all that they did with their extreme exercise and nutritional regime.
While their steps might (or might not) add to their life expectancy they certainly did not look very young for their age.
In fact their ‘extreme’ lifestyle made them look considerably older than the average person of the same age so it just goes to show you that more is not always better when it comes to anti aging programs.

Enjoyment and happiness will show on your face and the more you smile the more beautiful you will become, and besides, smiling does wonders for your face muscles.

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Mental Health Interventions

A few days ago I was interviewed online by dozens of readers, in a fun Q&A on lifelong cognitive fitness, “mental capitalism”, and more. Here is the full transcript (lightly edited) for you to enjoy the conversation.

Rick Moody: Welcome to everyone from Rick Moody

AlvaroF: Please ask your questions! We had a fun session with Dr. Gary Small last time, and look forward to another good session today.

Steve: What are the products that you have reviewed, and what are their differences?

AlvaroF: Good question, but we need to start before products. The question is, what type of interventions produce what kind of results? We also track lifestyle options such as aerobic exercise, non-products such as meditation and cognitive therapy, technologies such as biofeedback. So, the starting point that everyone needs to understand how our brains work and what and why we need to enhance. Only then we can make informed decisions about what product, if any, makes sense.

(Editor’s Note: I did not have time to answer the question of what specific products were analyzed. The answer is: twenty one products developed by Nintendo, Learning Enhancement Corporation, Vivity Labs, Scientific Brain Training, Lumos Labs, CogniFit, Dakim, Posit Science, Cogmed, Houghton Mifflin,Scientific Learning, Applied Cognitive Engineering, NovaVision, HeartMath, Wild Divine, InterCure, Helicor.)

Rick Moody: I think this question is the big one, the one from consumers. It’s of great importance: how to give guidance to consumers?

AlvaroF: key is to engage and interest consumers in the fact that we all have brains and cognitions that deserve our attention. How to enhance then, how to maintain them…in the same way we take care of our bodies and even of our cars. Then, once consumers and engaged, they need to learn about what is possible and what not, and what tools are becoming available and how to best use them. The field is not about “magic pills” or general solutions, but options in our mental fitness toolkit. Interventions and products can “work” but we need to have realistic expectations about what “works” means

Peter Whitheouse: Please address the issue of generalizability of improvements from “programs” into daily life.

AlvaroF: Great question, Peter. The ultimate objective in my view is not to generalize but to transfer to real life outcomes. That’s why the questions needs to be, what life outcomes do I need to improve on, and then work backwards to figure out what intervention/s may make more sense.

Nasrin Lakhani: Are there any studies on brain function improvement with biofeedback intervention.

AlvaroF: Let me link this to Peter’s previous question. Biofeedback-based training may not “generalize” to overall intelligence, but certainly it can help to learn how to recognize and regulate stress and emotions better, which is a critical outcome in itself.

Kate: How soon should we start trying to maintain our brain health, and is it ever too late to try?

AlvaroF: Never too early, and never too late. The UK government run a major research project a few years ago and main takeaway was that everyone should invest in their own Mental Capital as early as possible. Because the objective here is not only the delay of disease/problems, but the enhancement of our wellness and productivity as citizens. Now, different age groups will of course have different priorities. Educational, workforce, driving safety, health-related…what we are talking about is a new framework and toolkit to enhance targeted capacities through life.

Peter Whitheouse: We need a new form of mental capitalism I guess.

AlvaroF: We are all mental capitalists.

Rick Moody: Here’s another thought. Can we begin to identify the typical pitfalls and mistakes that consumers make when they approach brain fitness products?

AlvaroF: Main problems: consumers buy what they don’t need, and don’t buy what they need. But we’re not even talking “brain fitness”, we’re talking supplements, books, classes, tapes… Information is power, and I think most people, not all, would benefit from first of all understanding the basics of cognition, and second what are some key pillars to enhance cognition, and third how can we use specific tools for specific purposes. Let me provide an example. One key ingredient for good mental exercise is: Challenge. It probably makes little sense for young minds to play more videogames, and older minds to play more crossword puzzles. The level of Challenge would be very limited, because they are already very familiar with those. But what if kids start doing crossword puzzles and older adults master new videogames?

Peter Whitheouse: How about schools and universities etc.? They seem to be in the brain health business.

AlvaroF: Couldn’t agree more! it is clear that education level is one of the main ingredients in building a protective cognitive reserve. Now, what they could be doing better to be full “brain health” providers would be to incorporate other aspects and tools, and eventually even assessments to pinpoint an individidual’s needs and best course of action.

Anna G.: Aren’t there ways of increasing brain health that are not products (i.e., fitness, self learning, nutrition, etc.) that are just as effective?

AlvaroF: Yes, we jumped into the product discussion too early. In the book we start with a much more comprehensive discussion of main lifestyle factors, and of “nonproduct” brain training techniques such as meditation. Now, products also play a role. And a key takeaway is that most interventions do NOT substitute each other, but they AUGMENT each other.

Peter Whitheouse: Where do we spend out money individually and socially for best value?

AlvaroF: BIG question….as an overall theme I’d say, Spend more time and money on noninvasive interventions that build capacity. The starting point in all this is that day after day we see how malleable core mental abilities such as attention, working memory, self-regulation, processing…are. So, let’s all be mental capitalists by investing in our capacities. This framework is different, but complements, the standard medical model based on diseases.

Anand Deoskar: I think a really interesting question is what stimulates individuals to think? What is the key motivating factor for each individual to apply their brains to speak up, to challenge themselves..

AlvaroF: Great question. Last year Marian Diamond opened our annual virtual conference. After the conference we had lunch and I asked her, what do you think is the most important personal characteristic you’d like everyone to have? Her answer: curiosity. Curiosity will drive us to learn, and master new realities, and thinking come handy then.

Nasrin Lakhani: How would you finish the phrase “Investing in our mental capacities causes/enables…………”

AlvaroF: …enhanced wellness, control of one’s destinies, and longer productive lives. It also helps protect against decline by delaying it (not preventing it).

Guest: Alvaro, Have you had any communication with insurance companies to see if they intend to pay wellness dollars for people to take brain health and wellness courses? They frequently pay for gym memberships for physical fitness are they getting active in mental fitness?

AlvaroF: Yes, and no. Insurance companies now see this mainly as a marketing opportunity if more consumers show they care about this, the insurers will follow. A few of them are doing their own trials to see if they’d like to offer products for free or reimburse them, but it is still in the very early stages. The key is that consumers keep driving interest otherwise, insurers say they have a trillion other important things to do. The same goes for payers and providers: consumer interest can motivate them to take action, and that would help enhance the rationality and maturity of the field.

Gerard Finnemore: Another issue is that the medical profession (often in the role of gatekeepers) tend to be skeptical about cognitive training/enhancement. Usually, this is due to ignorance.

AlvaroF: Well, yes and no. Sure, there’s much ignorance about cognition (please ask your doctor to define what “working memory” is), but also they play an important role to protect from the usual nonsense consumers are exposed to.

Rick Moody: This is one step in a long journey…Bye to all

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Healthy Food For Kids

Figures just released by the UK’s Soil Association show that sales of organic food dropped by around £100 million in 2010 in stark contrast to its earlier predictions that the sector would recover by between 2% and 5% in 2010.

The decline in sales is being attributed to consumers hit by rising prices choosing cheaper produce.

However, according to the organic food industry’s trade body the Organic Trade Board, the decline in sales slowed to approximately 2% in the second half of 2010.

Sales of organic fresh fruit, vegetables were hardest hit, declining by 6.3% and organic meat sales were down by 5.8%. Producer numbers also declined from 7,896 to 7,567 during 2010.

However, some organic sectors did well, notably sales of organic baby foods increasing by 10.3% and of textiles increasing by 7.8%. Textiles, particularly, have been boosted by their promotion in two well-known high street clothing chains.

All this suggests that while there is an appetite for healthy, fresh, chemical-free food, price is a primary consideration for shoppers, especially at a time of economic difficulty, when people are concerned at rising household bills and also about the future of their jobs.

In view of the predictions that farming yields and food production will need to rise dramatically to meet the predicted population growth of nine billion by 2050, farmers at all levels, from the smallest to the largest, will need far more support if they are to achieve this target in a sustainable way without further depleting their land’s fertility.

Currently oil prices are going through the roof because of the political instability throughout North Africa and the Middle East, and oil is, in any event a finite resource in the same way as land. Neither can be expanded indefinitely to meet the increasing demand.

Scientific research and development are likely to play an important role in providing farmers with the tools they need. Biopesticides Developers are likely therefore to play a key role by providing low-chem agricultural products to replace the previous generation of artificial, chemical-based pesticides and fertilisers that are heavily dependent on oil.

So the innovations in producing biopesticides and biofungicides that are based on natural enemies to plant predators, pests and diseases offer a positive way forward to meet the goal of increasing production to provide affordable, healthy food.

Yield enhancers derived from natural sources will also help. The three elements should provide the agricultural products farmers will need to reduce crop wastage and boost yield. They will also help them achieve sustainable farming methods and introduce regimes of integrated pest management.

Backed up by a more efficient regulatory mechanism to get the new low-chem agricultural products registered and licensed in Europe, as they are in the USA, and with access to training in their use, particularly for the small farmers who are the backbone of food production in many parts of the world, it is possible to be more optimistic about the future of farming and food production and about being able to provide consumers with healthy food choices that are also affordable.

Copyright (c) 2011 Alison Withers

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