Mental Health And Emotional Health

In the past whenever I did a ‘live’ class or workshop that touched on using any spiritual gifts or abilities,inevitably there would be people coming to me after the class to ask me what did I see in their aura. They wanted to know the colours, if there were holes, if it was bright and so on.

The truth is I did not have to see their auras to know what the health of their aura was like. Simply because how a person thinks, operates, acts, speaks, behaves, and so on are tell tale signs of what the person’s aura is like!

If a person is angry or negative, then their aura will be filled with anger energies. And if they cannot let the anger go, then it is going to remain in the aura as dark energies which may also threaten to burrow deeper into the person’s energy field creating holes and tears.

If a person has an addiction like smoking or alcoholism, then their auras will be dark and they will have holes in their aura. So healers who have addictions in fact need more healing than their clients themselves!

If a person eats unhealthily, it is also going to show up on their aura as slime and mucus.

If a person doesn’t use their mental faculty effectively with creative thinking but are lazy to think, then the aura is also going to be dull and deaden. Then this is the kind of energies they send out and the impression they send to the world is — I am old and useless and this is how the world will see them even if they are still young.

If a person is constantly negative in their thoughts, guess how their aura is going to be like?

You do not have to be clairvoyant to know the health of a person’s aura or the health of your own aura for that matter. Whether we like it or not, how we are physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually affects the health of our aura. In fact, you could say that the health of a person’s aura is the sum total of the physical, emotional and mental health of a person.

I have never seen a clear aura in a spiritual teacher/healer who is also an emotional victim. Neither have I seen a clear aura in a person who procrastinates but is very spiritual in the sense of reading many spiritual books, meditates a lot but has difficulty applying what he/she has learned. I also know of people who do all the right things spiritually and physically but have imbalanced thinking and this inevitably affects the health of the aura as well.

Of course maintaining the health of your aura is important. This means that we have to learn to take care of ourselves on all the various levels well. Our physical diet and habits must be within the healthy balanced range, our mental and emotional diet too must be empowering and positive, our spiritual diet as well must be well balanced. This way our aura can do its job as an outer casing protecting us and keeping us buoyant within the dimensional realities that co-exist in this world.

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Enjoy The Little Things In Life

Escaping with a couple of drinks into a state where our reduction is not genuine can not be actual. Oblivion is sweet for a minute in time.

Carrying out it all alone since we don’t want to trouble any individual, since we sense a lot less in some way if we achieve out and ask for aid. Since there is no-1 that can be there for us and anyway we are worthy of to hurt. This is our fault.

We’ve all been in some of these locations, thought some of these items I am positive, I know I have. However what I have discovered from my individual grieving journey and from listening to several other individuals reveal their tales with me is that we can all do anything, make some little modify that will help us in some way. It is frequently in the small items that we do, in the little alterations we make in our day to day that tends to make greater adjustments in our life general. It is in no way easy and we want to do it when it’s right for us, but we can do it.

We may possibly not even know apart from with the bonus of hindsight just what a beneficial impact that one particular tiny point has produced to our lives. But as we respectfully commence to permit go of the men and women, spots and things that are no very good for us any much more we can commence to fill their location with those factors that do assist, nourish and let us to be who we are in our sorrow and as we grieve. Then healing will have a location to get started.

Actions like preparing a food, setting a table, washing dishes, vacuuming, using out the garbage, transferring the grass, shifting the cat’s litter tray, and many others are all functions of assistance. They need considered, planning, time, hard work, and energy. If done with a constructive spirit, they are without a doubt expressions of adore.

Inside each language, there are a lot of dialects. If you have a spouse with Functions of Support as her main enjoy language, uncover the particular items she would like to you help her with by asking her. If you are the particular person with that certain really like language, make a list for your partner with the items that would assist you most.

Keep in mind: enjoy is constantly freely given. Really like are unable to be demanded. Requests give route to love, but needs quit the flow of really like.

Defeating Stereotypes

Mastering the adore language of acts of service will demand some of us to re-examine out stereotypes of the roles of husbands and wives. Our actions are affected by the design of our parents, our personal persona, and our notion of adore, our thoughts, demands, and wishes. Only a single factor is specified about our behaviour: It will not be the identical behaviour we exhibited when we had been caught up being ‘in love’.

A willingness to analyze and change stereotypes is required in purchase to communicate really like a lot more properly. Remember, there are no benefits for preserving stereotypes, but there are huge positive aspects to meeting the emotional wants of your wife or husband.

If your spouse’s adore language is Acts OF Assistance:

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Be Happy And Enjoy Life

The mind controls the body and any distress caused to the body will also affect the perceptions of your mid and clarity of thoughts. By keeping your energy positive, you can ensure perpetual wellness. Stress is one of the biggest causes of ill health in modern times and by controlling the stress levels you can be happy and creative all your life.

Mental health will make you optimistic, successful and socially acceptable. By including the natural goodness of natural food stuffs and aroma therapy, you can ensure health and contentment in your life. Happy homes play a significant role in ensuring the child’s health as well. Recent studies have shown that the increased instances of allergies and asthmatic conditions are related to not only changing dietary habits but due to a high level of stress that children find hard to cope with.

Exercise plays a major role in keeping you fit and to detox the body naturally. A holistic approach not only involves you and your diet and exercise plan but also the environment where you live. Keep your home neat and clutter free and if you are under emotional stress, you need to solve it too so that your home turns out to be a beautiful home in its real sense.

When you use too much artificial and synthetic food stuffs or clothing, body sends out distress signals in the form of diseases or symptoms. So, switch to natural food stuffs wherever possible. Healthy nutrients also are great options to ensure that you get a regular supply of wholesome food. Holistic health care is all about following good nutritional plan that ensures that you are eating right.

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Learn To Enjoy Life

The enneagram types is a model of human personality which is principally used as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. Oscar Ichazo and Claudio Naranjo are the people who developed this principle. Early teachings of G. I Gurdjieff form the basis of this principle. People have got different acting and thinking patterns and they also have deep seated motivation for doing the things they do.

A persons mindset is a view they adopt of themselves and this concerns whether their characteristics and abilities can change, or whether they are cast in stone. The good news is that a person can change their mindset and improve their lives. You can have more fun in life, enjoy learning and have better relationships. Your business can be improved and the other benefits are as follows.

You can enjoy your life even when you are not good at it. A person can do and learn cool things while not caring at all about achievements or success hence improving their enjoyment. You can pick up a new hobby even if you have never tried it before. Pick up a paint set even if you have never painted all your life and who knows, you might find that you are actually good at it.

When you have a growth mindset, you do not have to feel stupid when you are learning. You do not have to be perfect because there is no such thing as perfection. You can feel smart when you are working on a project and start figuring out how to go about it. You do not have to stress about being perfect.

Your relationships will improve when you have a millionaire mindset. This is because you will not need a partner who is going to make you feel like you are perfect and worship you. Your partner will also not need to be able to read your mind because that is not possible. In addition, in a healthy relationship, there is room for disagreement.

You can lower your risk of depression when you develop a millionaire mindset. People who have a fixed mindset have got increased level of depression because they dwelt on problems or setbacks for longer. Anxiety and depression are linked and this is common among females who dream of effortless perfection.

By adopting a global mindset, a person can be able to take responsibility for their life. You will not be apportioning blame to other people or making excuses. There is a legendary basketball coach who made a memorable quote. He stated that a person is not a failure until he or she starts to blame.

A person who has a Millionaire mindset will also see events as just that. Your self worth is not based on a single event, for instance your IQ, SAT score, college application or even your divorce. A person needs to realize that a single event does not define anyone. When you realize this, you can be able to use a setback as a basis of launching a comeback.

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Good Diet Foods

The South Beach Diet is a plan that is set for right carbohydrates and right fats for a healthy life. Many considered it as the “big thing” in the series of diet fads today. However, as the number of people who consider the South Beach Diet as a popular diet from different parts of the globe, many people are still not aware about the foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet.

So what then are the foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet?

Before knowing the foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet, one should first know the overall concept of the South Beach Diet. So generally, the South Beach Diet is specifically divided into three different phases. Each phase has its own distinction and limitation. However, knowing the foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet requires a great focus on the phase one of the diet. Why? It is for the reason that the foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet are largely found here.

The phase one of the South Beach Diet is considered to be the strictest phase of the diet. Perhaps, it is for the reason that there are so many foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet. So among the foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet specifically on the phase one are beef rib steaks, honey-baked ham, breast of veal, all yogurts, ice cream, milk including whole, low-fat, soy, and full fat cheeses, beets, carrots, corn, yams, fruits and fruit juices, all alcohol. It is also necessary to remember that aside from those foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet, there are also some sorts that are included in the foods to avoid in the South Beach Diet and these include all starchy foods such as bread, cereal, oatmeal, matzo, rice, pasta, pastries, baked goods, crackers, etc.

As you will notice some of the foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet are really carbohydrates. These mentioned foods are considered as foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet for so many reasons. One of the big reasons is that the theory states that once weight decreases, the followers of the diet begin to metabolize carbohydrates properly and the longing for carbohydrates will consequently disappear. It is also important to know that another version of the such reason for having those foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet is the goal that is to eat three balanced meals a day, and to eat enough so that the dieters don’t feel hungry all the time, and the expected weight loss during the phase one of the diet is eight to 13 pounds.

On the second phase the foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet then reintroduced back into the diet, so in this phase up to the last phase, the presence of the foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet are not at all a necessity. However, if we will look at the overall principle and rules of the South Beach Diet, we can see that the South Beach Diet advises those looking to lose weight to be aware of such foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet. The logic for these foods to avoid on the South Beach Diet holds that the fat are replaced with carbohydrates, and are therefore still fattening.

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What Is Healthy To Eat

Cooking for a family of meat eaters and a vegetarian child was difficult in the beginning. I had to ask the pediatrician what to feed my son when he refused to eat meat, cheese and dairy products. As a mom of 4 it seemed like a silly question to ask but I was a meat eater and did not know any different. But with time I have been able to cook 1 meal for both types of eaters.

I learned that creating a vegetarian lifestyle could be easy with a few simple changes. Creating a meal did not meal giving up taste or texture.

* A soybean based Temphe ” it offers the texture of meat without any of the animal by products

* Taste – We use Tofu the most. Its easy to find and offers a great variety to your meal.

* Beans ” O.K. not only cheap but the possibilities are endless with the many variety of beans available

* Nuts ” perfect for a vegetarian snack but also adds flavor to your vegetarian meals

* Legumes – cheap ingredient necessary for most vegetarian recipes.

Having basic foods that Vegetarian eat on hand will only help you with cooking or meal planning. Here are a few of the things we always have in the pantry or fridge:

* vegetables and fruits – purchase whats in season to save money

* seasonings – this is where you can get flavorful

* pasta or noodles

* brown rice and white rice

* cereals

* nuts and seed

* beans – beans -beans -yes lots of different kinds of beans (you will thank me for this)

These are just a few ideas. Dont be afraid to be creative when planning your meals. Experhyment with different substitutions in your recipes to create new vegetarian meals. And dont worry if your vegetarian diets also excludes milk products there are many soy based products available on the market today that can replace milk, yogurt and margarine just to name a few.

Along with fresh fruits and veggies taking a trip through your local health food store will guide in the right direction in creating easy meals for vegetarians.

I hope I answer your question on what vegetarians eat. As you can see that with simple substitutions and meal variations, vegetarians eat everything. For more information type vegetarian in your favorite search engine and you will find so many great resources available including vegetarian dinner ideas, vegetarian cookbooks and meal plans to please both types of eater.

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Healthy Beans To Eat

If you have problems serving healthy foods because of the prices, you’ll find these tips to be just what you need to eat healthy on a budget.

1. Eliminate junk food
Doing your shopping on your own is the easiest way to shop, as children and sometimes spouses are usually the ones requesting junk food. Shopping alone will prevent this, and ensure that you only buy the foods you need.

2. Water or milk instead of soft drinks
You can still enjoy your favorite drinks at a sporting event or night out, although you should stick with the smallest size when shopping to save money and calories. Children and even adults need milk or milk products on a daily basis. Milk will also help you get strong and provides calcium for healthy bones and healthy teeth.

3. Buy fruits in quantity
When they are in season, buy fruits in quantity and freeze any extras. You can buy several pounds this way, and freeze extras to have them when the fruit goes out of season. Wash the fruit well, remove any spoiled pieces, dry thoroughly, then freeze in plastic zipper bags.

4. Meats and beans
Meats and beans are the best sources for protein.Lean meat is more expensive than meats with a lot of fat. Canned beans are a great deal as well,as they give you protein at a great price.

5. Beans as a substitute
You should use beans a substitute for meat on a frequent occasion. There are several varieties, so you can prepare them in a crock pot, so when you return home they are ready to consume.

The USDA recommends eating beans at least 4 times per week. If you experience gas after eating beans you should try washing them, covering them with water, bringing the water to a boil, then draining it off and refilling the pot.

6. If you live in a coastal area or an area where fish are around, make that an integral part of your diet. You can catch them from the
lakes or rivers, saving money in the process.

7. Peanut butter is great for those on a budgetas it’s popular with almost everyone. You can use it for sandwiches instead of eating hot
dogs. It does need to be refrigerated, although bigger jars can last you for weeks.

8. You should fill up with foods that have a high content of water. Watermelon, salads, and even sugar free gelatin are all great examples.

Eating healthy is always something you cannot go wrong with. You can eat healthy for just a few bucks, which makes it perfect for those on a
budget. Now, you don’t need a lot of money to have the lifestyle and health you’ve always wanted.

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Life With Mental Illness

If you were to visit a doctor for a serious injury, and the extent of the treatment was analyzing why you had the accident, and reliving the play by play of your mistake, would you continue to pay substantial fees for their services for the next couple of years? Probably not, yet this is the accepted norm for mental health treatments.

Worldwide, mental illness represents more than 15 percent of the disease burden in established market economies such as the U.S. according to NIMH this “is more than the disease burden caused by all cancers.” Approximately 26 percent of adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. Factor in the families of the ill and the irregular methods by which these problems are reported and the impact of this statistic is far-reaching beyond what is measured.

How many people with mild disorders do not seek treatment and instead laugh it off in a “join the club” culture that recommends numbing the pain with alcohol and drugs. No one should be blamed for not wanting to seek treatment. We have become conditioned to accept the methods of therapy which span for years, and notoriously do not deliver verifiable results or only offer subjective improvements which quickly fade after therapy ends.

To make matters worse, a diagnosis from a professional is likely to amplify existing mental problems by labeling behaviors as a disease, where only a behavior disorder exists.

In some cases, drugs designed to alter the chemical make-up of the brain are prescribed. This is despite recently published evidence, which says 68% of the positive effects are placebo related. Another study, conducted a year earlier, suggests Prozac, Effexor and Paxil “offer no clinically significant benefit over placebos.” (Why Antidepressants Don’t Live Up to the Hype – Time Online) The physical risk these pills represent, however, is very real. Such changes in the brain operate in cascading ways, which have yet to be fully understood by anyone, including the doctors writing the prescription. Is it acceptable to be effectively experhymenting with the very core function of their patient’s lives, especially when these drugs are presented to them as a solid solution?

These problems are compounded by hard science which suggests the mind can be changed, physically, by our own thoughts. In other words, it is a software problem, not a hardware problem. This notion was inadvertently discovered and showcased in a PBS documentary titled “Depression: Out of the Shadows.” Dr. Helen Mayberg, who was featured in the special, discovered a region of the brain known as “Area-25,” a critical intersection of the brain responsible for mood, sleep, motivation and drive. Depression would wreak havoc on this area of the brain while patients who were recovering from depression would consistently show this area “cooling off.” Every form of successful treatment would have the same effect.

Dr. Mayberg then asked healthy volunteers to ponder sad thoughts. Area 25 became overactive while the frontal cortex, responsible for personality, quieted down. When volunteers discontinued sad thoughts, Area 25 returned to normal. As Dr. Mayberg states at the end of the experhyment, “And I always say, the machinery is in a state, the software is in a– is in a bad loop.” The software, however, continues to be largely ignored. In 2007, CDMRP dispersed 277 million dollars in an attempt to resolve PTSD. There was not one evidence-based program process for changing depression, the primary symptom of PTSD. In the end, despite enormous amounts of money and professional resources, NIMH and the mental health industry remain an observational enterprise, without delivering clinical results. The industry, it seems, continues to mire itself down in theories and experhyments, while attacking only the hardware to fix a software problem.

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How To Live Married Life

Most people spend their lives with feelings of boredom or outright contempt for their job and home life. Finding a passion in life, one’s own special purpose, makes all the difference for these people. Only about one in ten ever gets excited about life. How can you make sure you are one of them?

Your purpose can also be called your mission in life. What is your mission? What causes do you feel the most passionate about? Identify these, and you will be well on the way to living a life of purpose. For most people, their mission and purpose involves service to someone. Handicapped children, the elderly, your pets, or even your own children, all need what only you can give.

For instance, even if your purpose is to create beautiful art, you will be serving to make life more esthetically pleasing to those around you. So when you inventory yourself to determine your purpose, consider the needs of others that grab your attention and make you feel compassionate.

People who go for broke after their dreams are the ones who live with purpose. However there is a downside to pursuing purpose above all things. The downside is that it requires sacrifice. Many people have left secure, good paying jobs to pursue that vision of meaning for their lives. For them, the vision was worth more than the security and money.

For this reason, it is wise to approach a life of purpose with a certain level of caution. For instance, if your dream and purpose include starting a business, you will most likely find yourself working longer hours and making less than ever before – at least for a while. Are you ready to take the plunge? Are you prepared to make the sacrifice?

There are less extreme ways to gain purpose and meaning in your life, however, than risking it all. For instance, consider the value of simply bringing home the bacon for your family. There is no more honorable purpose in life than caring for others, yet that fact is sometimes clouded in today’s philosophy. Taking care of children and keeping your marital partner fulfilled and content are worthy purposes to live for.

Everything in life involves a trade. Having wealth often requires trading off your free time and personal relationships. Being a full time mother often requires sacrificing a career and certain creature comforts. Being married requires giving up the freedom of being single. In each of these cases, it is up to the individual to decide if the trade-off is worth it.

A purpose in life that puts people ahead of things will be ultimately more satisfying than one of pursuing things for self. But whatever your purpose, there is one characteristic that will help you along your way, and that is courage. It takes courage to risk the status quo to follow your purpose. In the same way, it takes courage to be honest with your true feelings about a calling. Courage is essential to living a life of purpose.

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Good Diet Food

Almost every woman suffers with premenstrual syndrome at one time or another. The symptoms are familiar: mood swings, cramping and bloating, trouble sleeping. Fortunately, alternative therapies and dietary changes are now providing many women with relief.

Reducing salt, alcohol and caffeine for a few days before your period should help with the bloating and mood swings. Some women have been helped by limiting sugar during this week as well. Be sure to get plenty of vitamin B-6, which can be found in green leafy vegetables, nuts, fish, poultry and potatoes. Vitamin E has also been found to have a positive effect on premenstrual symptoms.

Research has shown that the consumption of fat increases estrogen levels, so reducing the amount of fat that you consume will help normalize estrogen levels and ease premenstrual syndrome. Increasing your intake of whole grains and fibers will help your body to eliminate the excess estrogen in your system. Combine the two and you have a powerful weapon against cramps and bloating.

Calcium has also shown significant results when used to treat premenstrual symptoms. Taken with manganese and vitamin D, calcium aided in concentration, reduced cramping, bloating and mood swings. You can get plenty of dietary calcium in green leafy vegetables and legumes.

Evening primrose oil has also been used to treat premenstrual syndrome. It is rich in omega 6 fatty acids that seem to act as an anti-inflammatory in the body, helping relieve cramps. These fatty acids are found in salmon, mackerel and tuna as well as safflower, sunflower and grapeseed oil.

Before turning to prescription or over-the-counter medications for premenstrual syndrome, try making some dietary changes. You may get t• feel better quickly, without resorting to popping pills!

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